Evergreen Bough

city gate


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Evergreen Bough
« Evergreen Bough » -  city gate

This is a acrylic painting on a corrugated metal gate. It´s resided between the Carl-Gorderler-school and a apartment building in Leipzig and was created in march of 1999.

There are two dark-brown perchs with some green leafs on it. A blossom grows at the middle of the perch on the left side. In the background there are some different blue-toned an violet circles with white outlines. city gate

The graffiti painting consists essentially of two distinct levels. One of which is the background level, made up of blue and violet pastel coloured circles, which are white bordered and coincidentally distributed. Some overlay or partially cover each other. The other level, the foreground level of the painting, shows two thick branches both running, one from the left hand corner and the other from the right hand corner, into the centre of the painting. The thick and gnarled branches regenerate considerably and branch out towards their tips, on which some grow foliage in different sizes. The boughs on the right hand side shows in its source an oval shaped space in which are no leaves on the branches whatsoever. Looking at the left part of the painting your eyes will be drawn to the exceptionally inflorescence from which woods grows. All wooden components of the tree are painted in dark brown tones as well as in light beige gloss-light like hues. The foliage is painted in different darker and lighter shades of a leave green colour.The blossom is aglitter with light of orange-purple hue, the leave of the blossom shine in a light apricot-white band.

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